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I Name.
The organization shall be called Arlington Business Council (ABC).

II Purpose.
ABC is a business and professional networking organization whose primary purpose is to provide member the opportunity to enhance their business, financial and professional interests. The group meets to: a) familiarize members with others businesses; b) learn what is a good referral for other members; c) share referrals with members; d) enhance one's presentation techniques; and e) discuss overall business climate and issues within Arlington.

III Membership.

A. Member must be a business owner, executive, partner or senior sales representative doing business in Arlington. There shall be only one member per business category. ABC membership committee must approve all applicants. Membership shall be stabilized at 40. A member may represent only one category.

B. Membership shall be continuous for as long as the member is an active participant. Members are to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics.

C. Continued membership requires attendance. Any member who misses two consecutive meetings without providing a substitute will be notified by the VP that his or her membership is in jeopardy. Any member who misses three consecutive meetings without a substitute will lose his or her membership in ABC, and his or her seat will be open. To rejoin, that individual must reapply, and if accepted by the membership committee, pay the membership fee. Members who resign in good standing may return to the ABC at a later date, if the seat is open, subject to approval of the membership committee. They will not be assessed a membership fee.

D. Continued membership requires adherence to the ABC referral rules (maintained outside the bylaws).

E. Associate Members: Associate membership is established for business people, the nature of whose business renders referrals to be of limited or no use, but are interested in joining to receive business information and/or fellowship. Associate members are required to attend at least one meeting per calendar quarter to maintain their membership. They are not subject to the referral policy. Associate members cannot vote or hold office, but may volunteer to make 10-minute presentations. The membership committee will consider, after receiving an application for associate membership, whether the applicant’s business/position is suitable to this class of membership. The associate membership fee is set at $50.

IV Meetings.

A. A. Meetings shall be held every Thursday beginning on the first Thursday after Labor Day from September through July (except holidays). The day and location may be changed by the Executive Committee or by general agreement of the membership. Meetings shall begin promptly at 11:30 AM and end promptly by 1:00 PM.

B. Attendance at all meetings and events is mandatory. Exceptions may be made for business or personal circumstances.

C. Meeting formats may be changed from time-to-time according to the needs of the membership.

D. In case of inclement weather, ABC follows the schedule for Arlington County Public Schools as reported on radio & TV. In case of either a closing or a delay, the ABC meeting for that day is cancelled.

E. Members are encouraged to give showcase presentations. Presentations shall be on a rotating basis among active members. A brief period of feedback and comments will follow.

F. Full active participation includes attendance at meetings, bringing guests, giving presentations and generating referrals.

V Guests/Applicants.

A. Guest attendance is encouraged at all ABC functions.

B. Guests may attend three meetings before being required to submit an application. If they do not apply after the third meeting, they may not attend any more meetings for six months, or until they do apply, whichever comes first.

C. Guests may deliver a one minute infomercial, distribute business cards or literature, and give or receive referrals.

D. If an applicant's business conflicts with that of an active member, the Membership Committee will place the applicant's name on a waiting list.

E. Showcase presentations by guest speakers are welcome and encouraged.

VI Leadership.

A. ABC is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
1. Officers are elected by members in a secret ballot on the first Thursday in December.
2. Terms for officers are for one calendar year.
3. Nominations for officers are submitted and slated annually by the Membership Committee.
4. The Vice President also serves as Chair of the Membership Committee.
5. The Executive Committee shall enforce the attendance policy.

B. Responsibilities of the President.
1. The President presides over all ABC meetings and events.
2. The President is responsible for all arrangements for regularly scheduled meetings.

C. Responsibilities of the Vice President, Membership Committee Chair.
1. The Vice President is responsible for presiding over all ABC meetings in the President’s absence.
2. The Vice President, as Chair of the Membership Committee is responsible for scheduling and presiding over Membership Committee meetings.
3. All members are responsible for recruiting new members and submitting applications for membership to the Membership Committee.
4. The Vice President shall provide Business Card Holders and Bylaws to new members.

D. Responsibilities of the Membership Committee.
1. The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all applications for membership.
2. The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications for possible conflicts of professional category, and contacting members for their input and opinions.
3. All applicants for membership must have a member sponsor initial their application.
4. Applications for membership must be processed within two weeks from the time the application is submitted and the Membership Committee must contact all applicants with a decision on their application within two weeks.
5. Reasons for declining an application include conflict of professional category, lack of professional involvement in Arlington or negative business history.
6. The Membership Committee alone has final authority on all applications for membership.
7. The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing any complaints about members.
8. The Membership Committee can dismiss any member at any time for improper business practices or unprofessional behavior, at its discretion—subject to review by the Executive Committee.
9. The Membership Committee is responsible for nominating officers.
10. The Membership Committee will review and select persons for membership in all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age or handicap.

E. Responsibilities of the Secretary.
1. The Secretary is responsible for reporting to the chapter on the schedule of upcoming speakers and special events.
2. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining attendance records and enforcing the attendance policies.
3. The Secretary is responsible for tracking all referral activity for the ABC.
4. The Secretary is responsible for reporting the above information to the President in advance if expected to be absent.
5. The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of all Executive Meetings and communicating that information to the membership.
6. The secretary conducts any official correspondence for ABC.

F. Responsibilities of the Treasurer.
1. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all ABC bank accounts in good order, and shall collect and deposit all initiation fees, dues, and levies promptly.
2. The Treasurer is responsible for delivering a quarterly report to the membership of account activity and balances.

VII Arlington Business Council Initiation Fee.

A. The initiation fee for membership is $200.00, for associate membership $50, payable by business or personal check.
B. The initiation fee is non-refundable.
C. Payment of the initiation fee confers membership rights upon the individual and fills the professional category. It does not confer rights upon the individual's business or organization.
D. The Executive Committee may levy periodic dues or special assessments from time to time if, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, they are necessary to keep ABC on a sound financial footing. Any such dues or assessments shall be payable by all members as of a date specified by the Executive Committee.
E. Members who are 60 days or more in arrears in paying dues or assessments shall be deemed to have resigned their membership.

IX Finances.

A. All expenditures over $200 require the approval of the Executive Committee.

X Bylaw Amendments.

A. Proposed bylaw amendments shall be announced and read at two meetings prior to a vote being taken. Changes shall be approved by a majority of active members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting.

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